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Twelve days and eleven nights tour program to the historic and southern routes by air and surface combination.

Day 1, transfer to the airport and fly to Bahir Dar . drive 32 Kms to south east of the the town to visit the the blue nile falls on the return visit the town of Bahir Dar. Then make some boat trip to visit some of the monasteries on lake tana .

DAY 2, after breakfast , drive to Gonder town through the panaromic view of Addis Zemen and Tara monastery , city tour of Gonder town.

DAY 3, drive from Gondar to semien mountain national park via Debarq.

DAY 4, trekking excurtion in the semien mountain NP.

DAY 5, early morning drive to Axum via Lemalimo road.

DAY 6, full day city tour in Axum.

DAY 7, fly or will have full drive from Axum to Lalibela.

DAY 8, full day visit of the Lalibela rock hewen churches

DAY 9, fly or full drive from Lalibela to Addis Ababa.

DAY 10, drive from Addis Ababa to Hawasa on the way visit of Bishoftu lakes or Abjata shala national park.

DAY 11, drive from hawassa to Yabello.

DAY 12, drive from Yabello to turmi.

DAY 13, full day visit of the surrounding of Turmi

DAY 14, drive from Turmi to konso.

DAY 15, drive from Konso to Arba Minch.

DAY 16, fly or full day drive from Arba Minch to Addis Ababa via Hosanna.

historic rout


DAY 1, arrival in addis ababa and visit of addis ababa and surrounding.

DAY 2, drive from Addis Ababa to Hosanna.

DAY 3, drive from Hosanna to Arba Minch via Wolayita.

DAY 4, drive from Arba Minch to Jinka ,on the way, visit Konso and the Cushitic speaking Stemay people.

DAY 5, drive from jinka to the Mago NP.

DAY 6, drive from Mago to Murrule.

DAY 7, drive from Murrule to Turmi.

DAY 8, day trip to Omorate and back to Turmi.

DAY 9, drive from Turmi to Yabello.

DAY 10, drive from Yabello to Yirga Alem / Hawassa

DAY 11, drive from Yirga Alem/Hwassa to lake Langano

DAY 12, drive back from Langano to Addis Ababa

south and the omo valley

Regular Departure Historic Rout 2015

The Historic rout, 10 days, travel in group,with English speaking guide

Travel Dates

March 10 ,March 19,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG-23

March24 , April 03, 2015-15 code AETTO-ENG-24

April 14 , April 23,2014-15 code AETTO-ENG-25

April 30 , May 09,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG-26

May 16 , May 25,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG-27

June 02,JUNE 11,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG-28

June 21-June 30,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG , 29

July 10-July 19,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG -30

Aug 01 , Aug 10,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG-31

Aug 18 ,Aug 27,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG-32

Sep 04 , Sep13 ,2015-15 code AETTO-ENG-33


east and the afar region

Round trip to the Bale mountains, Harar and the Awash NP

DAY 1, drive from Addis Ababa to Hawassa.

DAY 2, drive from Hawassa to Dinsho Bale NP

DAY 3, full day round trip in Bale mountains NP

DAY 4, drive from Dinsho across the Sanetti plateau. the highest all weather road of Africa, to the Harenna forest then return and drive to back to Goba.

DAY 5, drive from Goba to the Sof Omar caves. Over night Ginir

DAY 6, drive from Ginir to Hirna. On the way visit the muslim pilgrimage center Shiek Hussein.

DAY 7, drive from Hirna to Harar.

DAY 8, full day sightseeing of Harar town.

DAY 9, drive from Harar to Dire Dawa.

DAY 10, drive from Dire Dawa to Awash NP.

DAY 11, shart safari drive in the Awash NP and drive back to Addis Ababa.

west and the south west

Trekking in the semien mountain national park

Duration : ten days

Day 1. flight from Addis Ababa to Gondar there will a city tour of THE 16TH C. Gondar town .

Day 2. Drive from Gondar to Sankaber

Day 3. Trekking from sankaber to Gich

Day 3. Trekking from Gich to Chenek

Day 4. Trekking from Chenke to Mizma

Day 5. Trekking from Mizma to Ras dashen and back to the camp in Mizma to camp in Mizma

Day 6. Trekking from Mizma to Chenek on different route

Day 8. trekking Chenek to sankaber on different route

Day 9. Darive from Sankaber to Gondar/ Axum

Day 10. Flight from Gondar / Axum to Addis Ababa