Headquarters of the leading image processing company IDS in Obersulm, Germany

Management & Mission Statement

What makes IDS distinctive and our industrial cameras unique?

The combination of high quality "Made in Germany" technology, long-term availability, and exceptional ease of use makes IDS cameras unique. We develop and manufacture all of our products with the aim providing our customers with the best user experience in the vision market.

Cameras and artificial intelligence, a combination that allows IDS to reinvent itself and contribute to shaping the future.

— Jan Hartmann - Managing Partner —
Jan Hartmann - IDS Managing Partner

Jan Hartmann - Managing Partner

Jan Hartmann studied economics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt after completing his training as an IT specialist. He then joined the IDS Group in 2017. Initially, he was responsible for the corporate real estate division and afterwards for the sister company IDS Innovation. Before his entry into the IDS management board in March 2020, he was already in charge of the banking, insurance and legal departments.

It is my concern to continuously optimise the economic efficiency and innovative strength of the company and, at the same time, to ensure good teamwork.

— Alexander Lewinsky - Managing Director —
Alexander Lewinsky - IDS Managing Director

Growing together, inspiring worldwide: We want to anticipate customer wishes with innovative, high-quality industrial camera solutions.

— Dr. Michael Berger - Managing Director —
Dr. Michael Berger - IDS Geschäftsführer

If everyone's running in one direction, I like to run in the other as a matter of principle.

— Jürgen Hartmann - Founder and shareholder —
Jürgen Hartmann - IDS Founder and shareholder