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Webstore FAQ

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about the IDS Webstore.

How do I get to the IDS Webstore?

You can select products for online ordering here:

2D machine vision cameras
uEye machine vision cameras with USB or GigE interface and IDS NXT cameras for image analysis with AI for beginners and professionals.
To the camera finder

A variety of high-quality lenses complement the IDS machine vision cameras and ensure excellent image results.
To the lens finder

Select suitable cables, hubs, interface cards, tripod adapters and other accessories for your IDS machine vision cameras here.
To accessories

Why are 3D cameras not available to order in the IDS Webstore?

Due to the complexity of the projects, we do not offer our Ensenso 3D cameras in the online shop. Select the right camera here and send us an enquiry.

Who can order from the IDS Webstore?

Orders in the IDS Webstore are only possible for B2B customers. Therefore, please create a user account before placing your first order. When registering, please select the "Extra" section, which includes a check for online order authorisation. Once you have received your access data, you can log in and order in the IDS Webstore.

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In which countries is it possible to order via the IDS Webstore?

Webstore orders and deliveries are possible to the following countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Ireland, Sweden, Norway.

For online orders in the USA and Canada, please switch to the US webstore.

For orders from and deliveries to other countries, please send us an enquiry using the contact form.

Which payment methods are possible in the IDS Webstore?

We offer the following payment modalities:

What is giropay?

Giropay is an online payment method which is offered by more than 1,500 banks. Based on the online banking with PIN and TAN a simple, fast and secure payment via online bank transfer is possible – directly from the IDS Direct Webstore.

To pay with giropay our customers only need one for online banking unlocked current account at a participating bank.

With giropay you perform your online transfers through the secure online banking environment of your bank.
Here you can check whether your bank attends giropay

This guarantees that sensitive data (PIN / TAN) will be transferred only between you and your bank. No third party has insight into personal account and sales information.

The seller receives a payment guarantee from the bank directly after successful payment and thus can send the products immediately and without any risk.

Credit Card
How can I pay by credit card?

When paying online by credit card via VISA and MasterCard, you’ll have to enter your credit card number, the credit card expiry date and the three-digit security code.

Your security code provides additional safety when paying online and usually consists of the three last digits of the number printed on the reverse side of the credit card. The security code can be found at different positions, depending on the credit card company, but usually it is printed on the signature field.

All credit card transactions are executed immediately. This means: when paying by credit card, the total amount invoiced will be charged upon conclusion of the order, regardless of the product availability at the time of your order. The data of your credit card won’t be stored by IDS.

When am I allowed to pay by invoice?

Existing customers have the option to pay upon fulfillment of certain conditions, on account.

These requirements include, for example, a reliable payment record and credit quality.

IDS reserves the right to exclude certain types of payments in individual cases.

What should I consider for prepayment?

If you select prepayment, please observe the payment information on the confirmation. You receive the confirmation immediately vie e-mail after placing the order. Please ensure to state the order number as the reason for payment. We need this information to assign your payment.

After we received your payment we will send an order confirmation in which we also inform you
about the exact delivery date (in general ca. 2 weeks after receipt of payment).

Note: Depending on your bank, it could take between 2-4 working days until we receive your

What are the shipping costs for orders in the IDS Webstore?

In general standard delivery is made climate neutral by UPS, unless otherwise agreed.

The following prices are valid for webstore orders only.

Please note that orders are only dispatched into the following countries:

For orders from or shipping to other countries please contact us directly.

Country Shipping costs Free delivery from

5,00 € (Standard)

13,50 € (Express)

500,00 €



15,00 €

500,00 €


25,00 €



15,00 €



15,00 €



15,00 €



15,00 €



25,00 €



25,00 €


Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

25,00 €



25,00 €



25,00 €



35,00 €



Please switch to US-FAQ


Where do I register before placing my first order in the webstore and what advantages do I have?

As orders in the IDS Webstore are only possible for B2B customers, please register in the "Extra" section before placing your first order. After verification, you will receive your access data and can order in the webstore.

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Your advantages by registering

Registration in the "Basic" section allows you to:

  • Download manuals
  • Download drivers
  • Support [&] RMA enquiries
  • Log in IDS lighthouse
  • Watch videos on the Vision Channel
  • Newsletter views in the archive

Registration with the "Extra" section additionally enables:

  • Online orders via webstore
  • Price views
  • Create your own quotation as a PDF
  • View all your online orders

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What is the delivery time for webstore orders?

1-3 working days after placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation stating the delivery time.

The delivery time for all our uEye cameras is approximately 2-3 weeks after receipt of order, if the cameras are not in stock. For accessory products you will receive the delivery time with the order confirmation. If you need preliminary information please contact our sales team.

How can I track my webstore order?

In general standard delivery is made climate neutral by DHL (Germany) and UPS (international), unless otherwise agreed.

After your order has been dispatched, you will receive an e-mail with your invoice. For shipments with DHL (except Express)/UPS, this will contain a tracking number that you can use to track your order.

How can I return or complain about a delivery from a webstore order?

Please select here which case applies to your complaint and fill in the corresponding form as completely as possible (please note fees for incorrect orders). Please have your delivery documents ready so that you can provide details of the delivery. You will also need your login details. You will then receive an e-mail with a return note. Please use this to return the goods.

How do I receive regular updates on IDS products?

Register here for our eNews and look forward to monthly information on product announcements or changes, technical articles, case studies and events.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about the webstore?

If you require further information, please contact our sales team or send us your questions via the contact form.