A friendly greeting among IDS colleagues

Values & Culture

For our customers we offer the best user experience in the vision market. This underpins our aim of not only delivering top performance for our customers but of providing them with distinctive added value. This applies both to the handling of our products as well as how we interact within the company and beyond.

Our corporate values provide guidelines for all our employees around the world

We put a huge amount of commitment and passion into developing and producing our cameras, with constant awareness of our corporate vision. In view of climate change and the loss of biodiversity, IDS focuses on ecological responsibility in addition to innovation and competitiveness.

Team meeting on IDS NXT with artificial intelligence

Future focus

Innovative ideas, ongoing learning, and mental agility are important to us. It goes without saying that we act in a responsible manner, with quality, safety, and the environment uppermost in our minds. All employees are responsible for the continuous improvement of our products for image processing, working methods and lines of communication. Our success is based on the ongoing training and further education of our employees.

team meeting at IDS in a relaxed atmosphere in modern equipped office

Team spirit & helpfulness

We foster a culture of open communication and treat each other and our customers and partners with esteem and respect, sharing our experience and our knowledge. Integrity and attentiveness are key aspects of how we interact.

At IDS, we value each employee as an individual and regard the convergence of many different personalities as a great opportunity. To channel our energy in a disciplined way, we have laid down firm principles, which determine how we interact with each other on a daily basis.

The climate-compensated uEye CP camera from IDS

Quality & environment

"Our sustainable, ethical management actively protects the environment" is one of our guiding principles. Our holistic approach to quality thus not only includes product quality, but above all environmental protection and the economic use of resources. The energy at our headquarters comes from 100% green power, either generated on site or provided by certified power suppliers. We also make sure that our suppliers meet our stringent demands in terms of environmental protection and resource conservation. Of course we also focus on our products. The uEye CP is our first climate-neutral camera family.

Our "people inside"

IDS has people working passionately to deliver the best user experience in the vision market. People who make a great team. People who not only build high-quality cameras, but who listen, understand, develop, test, get involved and find solutions. People who want to make it as easy as possible for their customers. And with joy and conviction.

Integrity, respect and care

In all our actions, we show respect for people and the environment. At the same time, we are always aware of our social responsibility. We strive for a relationship of trust and integrity with our customers and partners. This also includes compliance with laws, health, safety and environmental standards.