Discontinued Products

Our cameras are manufactured at the highest quality standard for many years, yet to guarantee you the best solution for your applications we need to replace older camera families with successor products from time to time.

Industrial cameras

Hence, we like to notify you that the following camera family will be discontinued with a lead time of six months before last time buy.
This timely information should allow you to migrate to a successor product well in advance and without any time pressure. Additionally you may opt to buy an agreed quantity within a set time frame. Customised camera solutions are not affected by this announcement. All customers with valid delivery agreements will benefit from continued delivery in the usual and agreed manner.

As of announcing the discontinuation of a camera series or model the affected product/s will only be supported up to the driver version stated in the announcement. We certainly will continue to offer support for up to that specific driver version. Please note that however this does not include software maintenance or bug fixes.

Ensenso 3D cameras

Accessories & Frame Grabbers

iGuard Support

Until December 31st, 2014 IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH was sole and exclusive right holder for the Videomanagement software iGuard.

For strategic reasons IDS decided to discontinue the development of the software iGuard. Beginning of 2013, customers and licensed users were officially informed through an official discontinuation letter; early 2014 the software development was stopped, support was stopped by December 31st, 2014.

Successor models

For questions regarding successor or replacement models and last-time orders, please contact our sales team.