From Smart City to Smart Farming

How cameras shape the future

Whether in equipment, plant and mechanical engineering, medical technology, agriculture or logistics - image processing solutions are used in a wide variety of industries and scenarios to accelerate, control and optimise processes. When artificial intelligence comes into play, the range of applications becomes even wider. We show you how IDS cameras enable and set new standards for applications in the areas of transport & smart city, environment & smart farming, industry & automation as well as medical & life sciences.

Systems such as IDS NXT Experience Kit, that have integrated computing power, artificial intelligence and are also characterised by a compact, cost-efficient design are becoming the most sensible solution even outside of classic industrial applications. The application possibilities based on such cameras are almost limitless. To make the most of this technology, companies need knowledge about the capabilities of the current technological state of the art on the one hand, and vision systems that are equally flexible, easy to use and powerful on the other. Discover the possibilities for yourself on the following pages: