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Sustainability & resource conservation

How industrial cameras contribute to future-proof solutions

Automation is advancing steadily - whether in the industrial sector, such as classic equipment, plant and mechanical engineering, or non-industrial sectors, such as medical technology, logistics or agriculture. Industrial cameras from IDS play an indispensable role in this process. As an integral part of many automation solutions, they open up new ways to ensure greater sustainability.

Used in quality assurance or inspection, they reduce rejects and avoid complaints, returns or repairs. In robotics and automation, cameras enable collaborative work and support employees in physically difficult or monotonous tasks. In addition, machine vision systems can help reduce energy consumption in manufacturing. By permanently monitoring processes, they help to identify and optimise bottlenecks or inefficient processes. In agriculture and the food industry, cameras support the optimal application of fertilisers, the observation of plants in the growth phase or quality control in the processing of food.

Discover below how customers use industrial cameras from IDS in concrete terms!

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Camera system detects source of fire in the forest
Intelligent robot with industrial camera specifically eliminates weeds
Robot with 3D camera system folds towels in industrial laundry

With our products, we can help shape a future worth living in the most diverse areas, in industry as well as in research.

— Jan Hartmann - IDS Managing Director —
3D camera provides basic data for the automation of logistics processes
Smart farming image processing solution for sustainable tomato cultivation
Waves leave clear traces on the coast
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