A woman in a laboratory looks into a microscope.

Cameras in Medical & Life Sciences

For highest quality requirements in laboratory and diagnostics

Cameras take on enormous responsibility in medical technology and life sciences - and can be used in an incredibly wide range of applications. They ensure the highest quality standards in the production of surgical instruments, help to analyse samples in the laboratory and provide support in both diagnostics and rehabilitation. Discover here why cameras from IDS are the first choice for the medical sector in terms of image quality, reliability and long-term availability.

Cameras "Made in Germany":
Long-term availability, customised solutions (CSS)

If cameras are to be used in medical devices and systems, long-term availability of hardware and software is essential. At the same time, customers often require special adaptations: Whether you are looking for adaptions to the camera housing such as your own colour schemes or company name, customised adaptations to the hardware (we cover the entire range from different connectors through to fully custom PCB design) or customer specific software configurations - the IDS team is highly accomplished in delivering CSS projects and will ensure that your requirements are met. Please get in touch with us, we will be happy to explain what is technically feasible!

Enormous variety: Brilliant image quality, even in low-light applications

IDS is one of the leading players in the industrial camera market and offers customers a broad portfolio of cameras and image sensors. In the MedTech sector in particular, high-resolution models that reliably visualise fine details even under low-light conditions are very popular as well as providing accurate colour representation through configurable colour correction and other image processing features.

For microscopy applications, we also offer suitable variants with square sensors from Sony, which are very sensitive in the NIR range. An added benefit: thanks to a special rubber seal, many models are specially protected against dust. And what is more, our cameras are all manufactured and carefully inspected in Germany.

Endoscope and a screen showing the results of an endoscopy
Diagnostic device for postural defects
Quality control of glass bottles using an IDS camera
Blood analysis
Production of vaccines and tablets
Surgical robots

"Ophthalmology, orthopaedics, radiology and much more - anyone looking for powerful, high-quality cameras for medical use will find the right model at IDS. In addition to the hardware, IDS also offers great added value in terms of software. With IDS peak, camera features can be tested in detail and optimised for your own applications."

— Phillip Schissler, Sales Manager Medical and Microscopy at IDS —
Phillip Schissler, Sales Manager at IDS