New: The 20 megapixel lens series with C-mount

Great selection, attractive price

Do you already know our 20 megapixel lens series? Seven different variants offer you the opportunity to find the optimum lens for your specific requirements. And best of all, all lenses in this series are available at a price of 299 euros.

As the perfect complement to large-format sensors, they deliver impressive image quality and precision. In particular, the model with 20 MP, 8.5 mm focal length and a maximum image circle of 1.1" should be emphasised. "Combining a small focal length with a large sensor is a technical challenge. Our latest 20 MP lens masters this effortlessly and at an almost unbeatable price," says Jürgen Hejna, IDS Product Owner 2D Cameras.

Discover our range of 38 other C-mount lenses with different resolutions. Here are a few highlights: