uEye Warp10

at high speed to new applications

Ultra-fast, extremely high-resolution 10GigE industrial cameras

For users with particularly high demands on resolution, image quality and transmission speed, IDS is launching industrial cameras with 10GigE high-speed interface and a wide range of CMOS sensors with resolutions of up to 45 MP.

The sturdy, GenICam-compliant uEye Warp10 cameras can capture even high-speed processes precisely and transmit image information in a Gigabit Ethernet-based network virtually without delay. This allows them to show their strengths in inspection tasks, for example, when scenes need to be captured, monitored and analysed in all details and without motion blur.

Ultra fast

Large format sensors

GigE Vision

10-fold bandwidth

100 m Long-distance transfer

Active cooling


Thanks to 10GigE interface

Compared to 1GigE cameras, uEye Warp10 achieves up to 10 times the transmission bandwidth. The industrial camera thus offers users the fastest standard interface available on the market and transmits even large amounts of data to the image processing unit at high frame rates and with very low latencies.

Extremely high resolution!

Large format sensors up to 45MP

uEye Warp10 cameras are not only available with C-mount lens holders, but also with TFL mount (M35 x 0.75) for the use of particularly high-resolution sensors. By combining the 10GigE interface and the TFL mount, large-format sensors with up to 45 MP can be integrated. For optimal heat handling, these cameras will feature an active cooling plate (optionally available).

Long-distance transfer possible!

Fast data transmission up to 100 metres

The GigE Vision standard-compliant industrial cameras enable high-speed data transfer over cable lengths of up to 100 metres without repeaters or optical extenders via standard CAT6A cables (under 40 metres also CAT5E) with RJ45 connectors. This benefits, for example, machine vision applications where data has to be transmitted quickly over a longer distance.

Easy to integrate!

Continue to use current network structures

For use in existing applications, uEye Warp10 cameras are backwards compatible with 1GigE, 2.5GigE and 5GigE and automatically adjust their speed. Installation on existing GigE vision structures is quick and easy; we also offer 10GigE interface cards.

One camera, many applications

Industry and quality assurance

In industrial production, details need to be reliably detected and quickly processed. However, high cycle rates must not be bought at the expense of quality. With uEye Warp10, you make no compromises in speed or precision when it comes to visualisation and inspection tasks.

Entertainment and sports

Whether for target observation, goal line monitoring or motion analysis: compared to other cameras, uEye Warp10 offers significantly more bandwidth with reduced latency times and delivers suitable images even when moving situations have to be captured and evaluated in the shortest possible time.

Medicine and science

In microscopy, life science and research, the tolerance range for measurement errors is usually only infinitesimal. Here, high-performance industrial cameras such as uEye Warp10 help to keep a close eye on details and changes so that they can accurately be evaluated.

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