black uEye XS camera, next to it a black USB 2 cable with USB Mini-B plug, on a grey background

uEye XS

Ingenious mini camera with autofocus

Tiny, easy, convenient - 5 MP camera with autofocus for industry

Whether in a hand-held scanner, on a robot arm or in a passport photo machine: the tiny uEye XS camera ensures that the object to be captured is always perfectly focussed. Thanks to autofocus, the camera is able to do this all by itself - it delivers consistently sharp images and videos from a distance of as little as 10 cm. In addition to the 5 MP CMOS sensor, many useful auto functions contribute to optimum image quality. Incredible what is hidden in the tiny housing of this ingenious autofocus camera!



Auto image control

Colour correction

Compact design

Plug & Play

12 grammes

Mini camera, perfectly sharp images & videos

Auto features ensure high image quality

If you value good image quality, you expect sharp images - but also natural colour reproduction and harmonious contrast. For this reason, in addition to automatic focus, the uEye XS comes with many more useful automatic features that are well-known from consumer technology and improve image quality. This includes white balance, exposure and gain. As a result, the camera delivers the optimal result in every situation. If you want to fine-tune even more precisely, you can make the appropriate settings in the SDK (IDS Software Suite).

Screenshots of the adjustable auto functions in the IDS SDK
Black uEye XS camera, fixed on a silver tripod and with cable connected to the side
uEye XS camera with 26.4 mm height specification and HD & Full HD icon

Tiny size, light weight

Autofocus camera fits into any application

The uEye XS measures just 26.4 mm x 23 mm x 21.7 mm and has a proven USB2 interface. This makes the camera not only tiny, but also a real lightweight: at just 12 grams, it is ideal as an embedded component for mobile optical devices, for example in ophthalmology and dermatology. Users can choose from eight freely selectable and easily switchable image formats from VGA to 5 MP. Thanks to the integrated JPEG compression, the mini camera is also suitable for video streaming with 720p (HD-ready) or 1080p (Full HD).

Woman sitting in front of a medical device equipped with a tablet on the back

Medical technology

Thanks to autofocus, the camera shows you exactly what you are interested in. The model is easy to integrate, e.g. in mobile devices for diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation.

a young woman stands in front of a ticket machine

Kiosk systems

In the case of ATMs and passport photo machines, the distance between the camera and the object is never exactly the same. Luckily, uEye XS focusses automatically to ensure sharp images and videos.

Parcels are transported quickly via a conveyor belt

Picking and logistics

This tiny autofocus camera efficiently recognises barcodes, labels and other object features. This makes it a good choice for picking products as well as for use in various logistics processes.

Person hands over a parcel with a barcode to another person

Quality control

Whether for incoming goods or on conveyor belts: anyone who wants to capture objects in detail and analyse image information benefits from automatically focussing cameras such as uEye XS.

uEye XS starter set with small black tripod and USB2 cable

Getting started is easy with the uEye XS starter set

Would you like to evaluate how your application can benefit from the uEye XS mini autofocus camera as quickly and easily as possible? Then you should take a closer look at the starter set. In addition to the USB2 camera, it includes a suitable cable, a tripod adapter and a tripod. For more information, please contact our sales team or visit our webstore.